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Virago Vektor-X Grip & Halex 2.0 Foregrip Set


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The Virago Vektor-X AR15 pistol grip set. The grip optimized for women.
For decades, female shooters of the AR15 platform have suffered from outdated, uncomfortable male focused ergonomic designs that leave female shooters at a distinct disadvantage. At Future Forged, we believe that better ergonomics increase your personal shooting performance through better fit, feel and innovative material technologies. After creating numerous custom fit grips for female shooters over a 3 year period, we set out to create the ultimate pistol grip for female shooters that would level the playing field and empower female shooters to unlock the warrior within and ascend to new levels of shooting performance and confidence with the AR15 platform.
Introducing the Virago Vektor-X pistol grip set. Designed from the ground up to benefit and excel female shooters through simple ergonomic design and light weight additive carbon fiber composite construction.
Virago Grip special features

    • Female optimized variable fit recurve front pommel and overall size
    • A tight contoured backstrap with a more upright hand position for shorter length of pull settings
    • Ample beavertail backstrap to bolster feminine contoured hands to a consistent trigger pull position.
    • Exclusive “Virago” backstrap texture and styled thumb grip grooves.
    • A mild surface texture to prevent abrasion while providing reliable all weather grip performance

Want the ultimate custom grip? Ask how you can design your own personalized custom fit grip with “Bio-customization” and expanded color selections at Futureforged@gmail.com
Upgrade your rifle today and feel the difference with a grip that is especially designed for female warriors like you. Change your grip, connect with your rifle and hit the target like never before. We made this just for you.
Virago: A strong, brave or warlike woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities.

Foregrip Attachment Type

Grip Only (No Foregrip), Keymod, Mlok


Hot Pink, Light Blue, Teal, Two Tone Black

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