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Vektor X Features

  • Lite weight carbon fiber reinforced polymer construction
  • “1911” style beavertail backstrap for control, stability and consistent trigger
    finger placement
  • Extended Recurve Front Pommel contour
  • Single finger groove for consistent trigger finger placement
  • Weight saving lattice structure side surfaces for all weather grip performance
  • Aggressive “Chevron” grip texture pattern on front pommel and rear
  • Accommodates a wide variety of hand types and widths
Additional custom sizes, custom colors, and textures available! Inquire at Futureforged@gmail.com
Weight: 2.2-2.4oz
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Additional information

Accent Color

Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Silver, Alpine Green, Black

Core Color

Two Tone Black, Silver & Black, FDE & Black

foregrip attachment type

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1 review for Vektor X Grip & Halex 2.0 Foregrip Set

  1. MTZ

    I ordered the Vektor X grip and two days later is showed up on my doorstep, much quicker than I expected. Plus, written inside the box was a personalized message from the companies owner, very nice touch. Oh, and as a fellow veteran myself, HOOAH! (in reply to the note).

    The only criticism I can mark against the product (which is not really a negative) is the statement of the lightest AR compatible grip… I am not sure that is true or not as I did not weigh the grip; however, holding another grip side by side with Vektor X I did not notice a difference. Therefore, I would say the weight difference is negligible.

    With that out of the way, I have to say the grip feels far more comfortable than my other AR grips, as far as form goes. The grip is super comfortable in every position, especially on my wrist, from the low ready to firing. My hands are medium sized, and the grip fills my hand nicely. Plus, the texture and finger grove keeps my hand from sliding on the grip.

    Lastly, the aesthetics of the grip speaks for itself, a work of art. The Vektor X grip is far better looking than the grips of my other rifles and they all have custom grips. The color combinations allowed me to match other color customization’s I made to my rifle. Pure pew pew sexiness…

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