Vektor SG-3 – “Beavertail” AR15 Grip


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Inspired by the legendary 1911 pistol, The Vektor SG-3 corrects trigger finger placement by precisely bolstering the palm and webbing of your hand. This places your trigger finger in parallel with the axis of the rifle and helps you build an intuitive aim point with more consistent shooting mechanics. This can become a major advantage in high speed /dynamic shooting conditions.
You will immediately feel the weight reduction and an improved hand and trigger position that is “sharp and on point” when you pick up a rifle fitted with a VEKTOR SG-3 grip.


  • Lightest pistol grip on the market for the AR15/AR10 that features a beavertail ~1.29oz
  • Optimized 11.5 degree grip angle
  • Improved trigger finger placement and feel.
  • Unique Beavertail feature that helps you feel & control the rifles aimpoint
  • Great for women or youth shooters as well.
  • Made with a specially formulated Aerospace grade, high temperature polymer & reinforced with true aerospace grade, lot inspected, High modulus carbon fiber.
  • Ultra high chemical & heat resistance

Note: Color can vary slightly due to the natural variance of carbon fiber. “Carbon Black” or “Graphite black” is most common. If you have specific color matching needs please contact us at futureforged@gmail.com
Need a custom fitment for even better ergonomics? Call or email us with your order to participate in our “Biomechanical Customization” program Beta.

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