Vektor SG-1 & SG-2 Carbon AR Grips


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Introducing the Vektor SG-1 and SG-2 Carbon Fiber Series AR Grips
The flagship model that pushes the limits of a new technology.

  • Additively Manufactured with a specially formulated Aerospace grade, high temperature polymer & reinforced with true aerospace grade, lot inspected, High modulus carbon fiber.
  • Ultra high chemical & heat resistance

Product weights:

  • SG-1 ~1.3oz
  • SG-2 ~1.2oz

These grips are the lightest grips ever made for the AR15 platform. No other grip offers superior versatile ergonomics and strength in such a lightweight and stylish design. . The Vektor SG’s unique design achieves a surprisingly high strength to weight ratio when compared with traditional molded polymer or machined metal grips.
The SG-1 grip features a longer front pommel and a rear tail for added maneuverability. While the SG-2 has a more compact outline for maximum weight savings and anti snag shape perfect for lightweight carbines or pistols.
Note: Color can vary slightly due to the natural variance of carbon fiber. “Carbon Black” or “Graphite black” is most common. If you have specific color matching needs please contact us at futureforged@gmail.com
Ask about Bio-customizaton (Custom hand sizing), adding logos, skulls, text or customized grip textures available by custom order!

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SG-1, SG-2

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