Introducing the Vektor SG-1 and SG-2 Carbon Fiber Series AR Grips

Additively Manufactured in high strength engineering grade Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer. 

Product weights:

  • SG-1 styles are 1.3 oz
  • SG-2 styles are just 1.2oz

These grips are the lightest grips ever made for the AR15 platform. No other grip offers superior versatile ergonomics and strength in such a lightweight and stylish design. Future Forged SG series grips utilize design principles inspired by the aerospace & exotic materials industry. The Vektor SG’s unique design achieves a surprisingly high strength to weight ratio when compared with traditional molded polymer or machined metal grips.

The SG-1 grip features a longer front pommel and a rear tail for added maneuverability. While the SG-2 has a more compact outline for maximum weight savings and anti snag shape.

Additional information

Grip Type

SG-1, SG-2


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