Vektor-47 AK Grip


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Fits AK-47 & AK-74 most variant models
Love it or hate it, the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 is one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century.  While the AK-47 is widely known for its reliability, it is not however known for being a comfortable rifle to use. We set out to fix this problem.
From the ground up we redesigned the AK-47 grip using our carbon fiber reinforced additive composite technology. The result is a simplistic functional design that modernizes the ergonomics of the weapon yet respects the original design familiar with the 75+ Million AK-47s that currently exist. We wanted to provide a superior grip that works, looks and feels better and yet offers more customization than any other existing offering made in the last 74 years.
We now present the Vektor-47 line of pistol grips.

  • Corrected grip angle to align with the AK-47 trigger mechanism for enhanced trigger feel and accuracy.
  • Enhanced performance backstrap for greater support and aimpoint feel.
  • Larger overall grip length for better leverage, control and aimpoint feel. (The AK-47’s original grip was small because it was designed for 1940’s glove technology in cold Russian winters)
  • Helps prevent your hands from getting cold via carbon fiber polymer material & internal air cavities to insulate your hand from the cold metal receiver in winter conditions.
  • Kalashnikov was a tank operator, so we adorned the front & back of the Vektor-47 with “Tank Tread” grip pattern. Functional, futuristic and yet classic.
  • Modern AK-47 fans will recognize the iconic sculpted thumb grooves in the sides of the grip which reinforce the construction and provide further grip.

(Cheeki Breeki)
Please note: This grip will not fit certain pistol models that have stocks which require modified grips. Further customization is required. (Currently not available

Want the ultimate custom grip? Ask how you can design your own personalized custom fit grip with “Bio-customization” and expanded color selections at Futureforged@gmail.com


Arctic White, Bull Fighter Red, Carbon Black, Flat Dark Earth, Venom Green

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