Mission Sub-1/Sub-1 XR Crossbow grip


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This grip was made specifically to get the most from your Mission Sub-1/Sub-1XR crossbow. Originally requested by and developed with competitive shooter and hunter Matt Miller of Trying Hard Outdoors.

  • Corrects trigger finger position and pull angle.
  • Compact grip frame optimized for shooting off-hand and from elevated tree stands. (More upright grip angle over the stock design)
  • Perfectly and precisely fits the Sub-1 chassis where AR15 grips and even the factory grip fall short.
  • Finger grooves add massive amounts of grip and leverage to master the front heavy weight balance that crossbows inherently have. Features are customizable upon request.
  • Available stock in Orange, Onyx Black carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
  • Color and hand size alterations are available on request
  • Grip screw included (Recommended)
  • Grip weight is 1.3oz

Customers with special medically related ergonomic needs can contact us at futureforged@gmail.com for full integration and customization options.
This grip is NOT compatible with the AR15 rifle itself. It will fit nearly all platforms that use an AR15 style grip though.

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
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