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Two Tone Carbon Fiber Hybrid Grips


​Available in Red/Carbon Black or Blue/Carbon Black



​These grips are additively manufactured using premium Engineering grade Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer. The unique internal compound lattice structures of the SG-1 & SG-2 grips enable these unique grips to be almost 80% air on the inside. No other method of manufacturing can construct a grip like this. Typical weights are 1.3-1.6 ozs without screw. Which is a full half ounce lighter than any other production grip ever made. This makes them our second lightest type of grip.


​Like all Future Forged Grips, the inside features a complex structure similar to what you would find in advanced aerospace materials. No injection molded type grip can achieve this level of strength to weight ratio. The lines that are present from the additive manufacturing process are designed to increase grip with both gloves and bare hands.


​Compared to “skeletonized Aluminum” grips that freeze your hands in the winter time these Carbon and Glass fiber polymer grips help keep your trigger hand warmer in the winter when the shot really counts!


​Ditch the boring and heavy old “blob of rubber” grips or expensive machined skeltonized metal grips that scratch easily and freeze your hands in the cold. Get a Future Forged Hybrid carbon fiber polymer grip and make your AR rifle or pistol stand out!

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7 reviews for Vektor SG-1 & SG-2 Hybrid Two Tone AR15 Grip

  1. Larry S.

    This grip seems very well made. It’s lighweight but not flimsy.
    I like the texture of the material, it feels very secure in the hand.
    The only suggestion I have would be a hole in the bottom for the hex key to pass through for easier installation.

  2. Andrew C.

    Feather lite!!! I thought the box was empty until I opened it! Can’t wait to finish this build and put it to use.

  3. Aaron A.

    Overall very happy with the product! My only constructive criticism is that I wish it was compatible with my V7 Titanium Grip Screw which has a larger head diameter than the included steel hex screw. The cutout behind the middle finger on the current design doesn’t have a wide enough radius for it to fit.

    It would be awesome if the grip included a compatible Ti or Al grip screw to maintain the ultralight theme!!

  4. Pat P.

    I purchased the SG-2 grip for its light weight, when received I was amazed at is look, feel and of course how light it was. I used some wet dry sand paper on its surface to smooth it down a little and sprayed it with some black color bond and then a coat of matte clear color bond over that and it looks amazing.

  5. Jim D.

    Its amazing what can be manufactured with 3D printing. This grip fits perfect and has a great feel in the hand. It does have a slightly rough texture, I find this actually helps with grip and have no complaints.
    Will a $10 grip do what you need, sure. If you have the money and are looking to save every last ounce of weight or are just looking for something unique to finish a build then look no further.
    Will continue to check in at Future Forged to see what they come up with next!

  6. John L.

    Got the ones with the shorter pommel (think it was the SG-2, but can’t remember) for ultralight 308 and 223 builds. I prefer the finger grooves and pommel (although some people don’t like those). The texture is a little rough but this is a good thing – keeps your hands from slipping from liberal tears. There were no sharp seams or edges to annoy your paws. The supplied hex short bolt seemed a little heavy (not sure if it is steel or aluminum), but you may be able to use an aluminum one if you are shaving grams. There is a hole drilled in the bottom if you have a T-handled hex wrench, but you can just use the regular 90 degree wrench and a lot of patience. The grip fit nice & firm in the slot on the lower. No clearance issues with the fire selector over the grip. Very happy with these grips so far!

  7. Jon P.

    This is the second SG-2 Carbon Grip that I purchased. The first one was in stock and shipped right away. That grip was used for my ultra light 6.5 Creedmoor build. I loved it so much I had to buy another for my ultra lightweight AR15 build. I had to wait about a month before I received my second grip as they were out of stock but, it was well worth the wait! If you’re looking to build an ultra-light AR this grip is a must as it’s the lightest/best grip available as of today.

    MY BUILD: 14.5″ Faxon barrel (with pinned/welded 1.6″ Ti BattleComp 1.5 Compensator, Fostech magnesium upper, Poly80 lower, New Frontier polymer lower parts kit, JP ULMOS BCG, Smoke Composits Carbine Stock, Brigand Arms 9″ Edge Handguard, SLR Rifleworks adjustable titanium gas block, Taccom Ultra Lightweight Buffer & Spring and of course my FUTURE FORGED carbon SG-2 grip.

    Tally up all these parts and you get an ultra lightweight 16″ AR15 that tips the scales at a mere 3.2 pounds! This build beats out the MOA ENYO which comes in at 3.65 pounds (and a $3,200 price tag!). Believe it or not, the recoil isn’t bad at all and after you dial in your gas block the gun functions perfect!

    Thanks FUTURE FORGED for making a great, high quality, ultra light grip!

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